Difficulties and travel options


Each trip or route is assigned a level of difficulty:

Level 1: Very easy. Route on the flat or with gentle slopes. 

Level 2: Easy. Gentle slopes and occassionally moderate climbs.

Level 3: Moderate. Frequent moderate climbs.

Level 4: Difficult. Frecuent moderate and difficult climbs. 

Travel options

If you want to go it alone, we will provide you with everyting uou need for your bike tour: comfortable accommodation, gps data (.gpx) of the selected route, travel guide with precise details on each stage (altitudes, distances, etc.),  Bicycle hire Trek 29"er fully equipped for bike touring, civil liability cover with road assistance, and optional services like luggage transfer on each stage. 


Your best choice if you prefer a tour with your own group or team at any time (open dates) but supported by one of our expert tour guides. Our bike tour leaders are enthusiastic helpers, eager to assist when needed and always on the lookout for special ways to make your bicycling vacation more relaxing, interesting, and enjoyable.